B 2Gether (Mount Rushmores Afrobic Dub)


  1. Faemi

    Mount Rushmore is a National Monument built to commemorate some of the United States' greatest presidents. In most universes these faces are that of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. In , shortly after the construction of the monument had run out of funding, the work was almost destroyed by Eric Ward a Nazi sympathizer. However the attempt was.
  2. Shaktilkis

    My class began their American Symbols and Monuments unit last week, with learning about Abe and George. It is one of my favorite units to teach. This week we will learn about Mt. Rushmore. I have compiled some resources that I use in my classroom that maybe useful to you as well. This post may Read More about Mount Rushmore.
  3. Shaktill

    A modern fusion of dub and electro-dance music, this live improv-driven group goes from downtempo dub to hopping electro-house, often inviting MCs and extra instrumentalists into the mix. The Dub Mob delivers unique futuristic, dance-ridden grooves, from cool to scorching hot. TDM brings modern, ele.
  4. Kazracage

    Aug 21,  · The Rushmore cam is currently offline. Temporary Trail Closure for Repair Project Begins August 21, Beginning August 21, , portions of the Presidential Trail will be closed for repairs.
  5. Fenrijin

    Every NBA team has their own history and lore. Here is a look at the four most important players in the history of each NBA team.
  6. Najind

    This lofty journey over North Dakota highlights the Roughrider State's grand beauty, which healed a grieving Teddy Roosevelt and transformed him into a defender of America's wild land. Explore the state's booms and busts, from fur trade explosions to frontier battles to the thousands of oil wells that dot the land and house flaming vents that are visible from space.
  7. Mikashura

    The 'Rushmores' Nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, lies the imposing figures of four past Presidents of the United States.. Majestically carved into the rock of Mount Rushmore between 19by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln, the .
  8. Nezilkree

    Read news updates about Dub-B. Discover video clips of recent music performances and more on MTV.

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